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    We help you develop effective salesforce to generate sales faster and easier.

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  • Sales Design


    Companies often squash creativity and innovation when they come to design the sales processes, sales recruitment, operation and value proposition of their products.

    As Gary Hamel describes, “Too few voices are heard, creativity is constrained, decisions are under informed, barriers separate capital from talent, and necessary change is slow.”

    When you partner with Qicstart, you get fresh independent design thinking with data-driven objective facts, no politics, no preconceived notions, and no agendas. Rather, we have a connected team of sales consultant in our open environment to efficiently find solutions, explore and design creative options, create new sales strategies to help you reach your seemingly unrealistic sales target.

    Our core is built on listening to our clients and designing solutions to sales challenges. We want to solve your toughest problems and work together on your biggest opportunities with our collaborative team and sales design thinking capabilities.

    This ensures that you can get effective sales training and have no recurring issues on enabling your salesforce to get sales from the new sales programs.

  • Reducing Sales Cycle Lead Time

    Organizations face real problems in getting customers over time. In general, a company needs to understand that there is a certain amount of time required to acquire a customer. Most companies usually seek to find out how to reduce the conversion cycle for New Sales Acquisition.


    Our consultants have adopted a tried and tested methodology to reduce Sales Cycle Lead Time, which means Faster & More sales for companies.


    As a non-conventional training program, we seek to find out the best modular fit for your company sales people via our 1st session. This is also known as our Sales Orientation Program (SOP).


    Let us know your requirements, and we will tailor the best training program to maximize your sales people's potential during the few days with us. Not to worry, we will always be around to make sure that your company receives the full benefit of our service.

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