• Fundraising Coach

    Fueling your growth with capital


    Coaching you on the fundraising process


    We’re for the most adventurous entrepreneurs in the world.

    Fundraising can be painful.

  • How we can help?

    Product, People, Business Model

    Rigorously Assessed

    We spare no expense to make sure that you are ready to ​fund raise.

    Plan, List, Contact, Coordinate

    Coordinating meetings between investors and founders

    We're working hard to create a funding plan, recommend a curated list of investors, contact investors and coordinate a meeting between you and the investors!

    Pitching is like boxing

    Different Strokes for Different Folk

    No single investor is the same. We work with you to fine tune your pitch for professional investors, for strategic investors and for corporate investors. Pitching in 1 minute is different from pitching in 15 minutes.


    Recommending the next course of action

    After 3 months of coaching with you on the fundraising process, we will help you to assess the next course of action. Because the market is dynamic, you have to adjust to stay in the game.