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    Damien Cummings on his 3 points for enabling digital transformation for Coca cola Australia

    Stakeholder management and change management arecommon hurdles for digital transformation. AI is still in its early stages formost companies that are undergoing digital transformation. However, HR is a good starting ground to start AI going. Damien believed that AI is promising but he believes this promise can only be realized if stakeholder management andchange management issues are addressed. He shares the story of a company trying to adopt Salesforce.com as part of their CRM strategy to make better decisions and faster decisions. In that story, he revealed that the company culture and mindset have to be changed in order for Salesforce.com to be adopted. Andrew shared another story of how Hay Group (acquired by Korn Ferry) tried to adopt CRM in the early days. Damien pointed out that any company champions need to figure out the “what’s in it for me?” for their stakeholders and he shared anotherstory of how he uses his 3-point tactics to generate impact for Coca cola in Australia.

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    AI and automation is all the rage nowadays - but what’s the history of these technologies, innovations and ideas? This podcast will discuss the brief history of the current interesting technologies and their development to society.

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